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CERER The Center for Study and Research on Renewable Energies (CERER) is a university institution with the following focuses : - study weather phenomena, - research and develop processes which can use solar energy or any other energy deriving from weather phenomena, - study and control air and rainfall radioactivity, - centralize and diffuse information, - train researchers. Taking into account nationwide realities and priorities on energy and environment, the CERER has focused on the following activity areas : - assess and study solar, wind and biomass sources, - design, develop, and implement energy systems for various applications (pumping, drying, sterilizing, distilling, housing, refrigerating, etc.), - scientifically and technically monitor various projects implemented across Senegal, - test various prototypes, - disseminate solar technologies. Objectives : The objectives defined by Decree No. 80-402 dated April 28, 1980 include : - conduct scientific research/technological development programs on processes using solar energy or any other energy deriving from natural phenomena, through means adapted to arid and semi-arid regions; build these processes into the national economy in order to achieve regional development objectives, in relation with local industries, - efficiently contribute to solutions to energy/environment-related development problems for African countries and Senegal in particular, - centralize, process and diffuse all collected data in order to use it, - ensure scientific and technological oversee of renewable energies, - stimulate and foster understanding and mastery of scientific and technical progress, as well as technological innovation, in the area of renewable energies, - identify research projects to undertake, - contribute to increasing the value of research findings/results by ensuring their extension, implementation and use, - provide training for professionals, retraining and further training for researchers and technicians interested in the Center’s activities, - contribute to research-based/oriented training. For more information, please visit link :
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