Partner Institutions
FASEG The School of Economic and Management Sciences (FASEG) offers high school graduates from all of Africa (34 nationalities) high quality training in Economics and Management with a world-famous faculty. (For more information, please visit: Besides these programs: - The Institute for Training in Business Administration and Creation (IFACE) provides in-service training for professionals in management. Ten (10) programs are thus available in Management, Finance, Audit, Insurance, etc. (Please visit for more information). - The CREFDES provides various sector professionals with Masters in Economics, Quantitative Technique and Modeling to help enhance their capabilities in this area. More information is available at: - An OIF-funded Master’s Degree in International Trade Policy & Negotiation is made available to professionals to provide them with adequate training in this area In addition to training, FASEG, through its various institutes including CREFDES, CREA and CREGE, is actively involved in academic research and adult education. In this regard, it offers a large number of degree courses as well as courses on an as-needed/requested basis, to help increase the capacities of public and private sector policy-makers. It also offers numerous workshops and seminars to share experiences and research findings/results with policy-makers. Such activities include : 1) Training African resource-persons in trade policy formulation, negotiation and implementation. In order to prepare ACP (African-Caribbean-Pacific) countries for trade liberalization vis-à-vis the European Union, the European Commission jointly funded with other donors a project “to increase the capacities of ACP countries in trade policy formulation, negotiation and implementation” (Hub & Spokes). FASEG was selected by OIF (the Francophone International Organization) to implement this activity. Please visit: 2) Fifth BCEAO (Central Bank of West African States)/Academia-Researcher Colloquium on “What banking sector for financing WAEMU (West African Economic and Monetary Union) economies?” on May 24-25, 2010. The Central Bank of West African States (BCEAO) and the University Cheikh Anta Diop (UCAD) will jointly offer this Colloquium and FASEG will be the implementer. Please visit ( for more details. 3) FAO/CREA/ University of California at Berkeley Regional Conference on “Livestock and Poverty in West Africa” on May 8-10, 2006. During this conference chaired by the GOS Minister for Livestock, various presentations were made on this topic. ( 4) The Senegalese Economic Days also offers opportunities to meet to share and extend our research findings/results with policy maker and development practitioners. The first edition was on “Growth and Poverty in Senegal” and the second edition on “Growth and Competitiveness in Senegal: The Role of Current Initiatives (The Accelerated Growth Strategy - AGS -, Integrated Framework, etc.)”, including several presentations. ( 5) Conference on “Education in West Africa: Constraints and Opportunities” In November 2005, CREA, in collaboration with the GOS Ministry of Education and Cornell University, hosted a regional conference on Education. The issues discussed concerned the constraints and opportunities related to the education systems in West Africa. (See: SAGA Education Conference – Senegal, November 2005). 6) FASEG was recently selected - on a competitive basis - by the WTO Chair Program which aims at supporting developing country universities in training and research on trade issues. (See: In sum, FASEG is a hub for training and dialog with policy-makers in the West-African sub-region.
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