Partner Institutions
IPDSR Created in 1999 and operational in 2000, the Institute for Training and Research In Population, Development and Reproductive Health (IPDSR) is a partnership between UCAD, UNFPA, Union for Study of the African Population (UEPA), and the Directorate for Human Resource Planning (DPRH) of the GOS Ministry for Planning and Sustainable Development. IPDSR offers degree training including the research Master’s (for acquisition of research skills), professional Master’s (for acquisition of customized know-how and inter-personal skills), and Doctorate (conduct of a research activity). The Institute also offers a Master’s degree in Population and Development. In addition to these degree courses, it offers field professionals capacity-building training on an as-needed/required basis. Objectives : The goal of IPDSR is to provide professionals with high level training, and disseminate research-action results on population issues in order to inform policy-making. Professionals trained in social, medical, and biological sciences using an interdisciplinary approach, will be - both theoretically and practically - able to : - have in-depth understanding of links between population, development and reproductive health in the development planning process; - define coherent population policies, translate these policies into programs, and implement them; - conduct research for the emergence of a sustainable human development; and - participate in a multidisciplinary research team on population and reproductive health to achieve sustainable human development. For more information on the above training programs, please use following links : - Short term training : - Degree courses : - MDPS Master’s :
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