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ISE The Institute for Environment Sciences (ISE) is a graduate school which provides training through education and research in environment and sustainable development. It was established by Decree No.79-601 dated June 25, 1979, and placed under the administrative authority of UCAD’s School of Sciences and Techniques. ISE is administered by a Director, an Assembly, and a Development Council which defines its curricula and research areas. This Council includes representatives from UCAD’s various components (School Deans and Institute Directors), and from GOS Ministries, national and international institutions active in environment and development. Objectives : ISE’s objectives are to train development agents, program officers, managers and researchers to be able to understand the complexities and stakes of environment issues, including ownership of state-of-the-art technologies for evaluating and sustainably managing natural resources, as well as contributing to the design and implementation of development policies and programs aimed at meeting people’s needs, preserving natural habitats, and reducing pollutions. Curricula : ISE’s curricula pursue three major objectives : - multidisciplinary training to achieve a global vision on environment issues, - methodological training to build a multidisciplinary link into the various environment components, - training in design and implementation of space/resource management systems for sustainable development. MS degree training is provided by : - ISE permanent faculty, - Faculty from other UCAD Schools, - Faculty from other universities in Senegal and elsewhere, - Specialists from GOS services and the private sector. ISE also offers short-term training, as requested/needed, for development agents, to enhance their capacities in the environment area. The Institute for Environment Sciences:
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